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Data Analysis

  • EROC R Library - The Climate Modeling laboratory (CLIMLAB) has developed a library for use in the R Statistical tool, which will enable the calculation and plotting of the EROC ensemble evaluation utility. This utility is currently under final testing and will be availible for download via this webpage shortly.
  • Neutral Atmospheric Convection (2.0 Mb) - This is the standard 2-D convecting bubble in a dry neutral atmosphere test case using a Godunov-type model with a second-order approximate Riemann solver based on a flux wave decomposition. 160 x 80 cells are used. The second-order fluxes are limited with a van Albada limiter. Multidimensionality is achieved via an alternating dimensional split.
  • Density Current (1.4 Mb) - This is a density current (advancing front) test case with the same model as before except using 500 x 200 cells.