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Matthew R. Norman


Ph.D. Candidate
DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellow
North Carolina State University
Marine, Earth, & Atmospheric Sciences
Climate Modeling Laboratory


NCSU Campus Box 8208
Raleigh, NC 27695

Research Interests

Undergraduate Research

Master's Research

Ph.D. Research

  • Emphasis on scalable finite volume (FV) methods: e.g. one-step explicit methods
  • Development of high-order accurate, one-step FV methods using characteristics
  • Extension to genuine multi-dimensionality using bicharacteristics
  • Implementation of a 2-D x-z fully compressible non-hydrostatic model
  • Implementation of a 2-D shallow water model on the Cubed-Sphere


  • Neutral Atmospheric Convection (2.0 Mb) - This is the standard 2-D convecting bubble in a dry neutral atmosphere test case using a Godunov-type model with a second-order approximate Riemann solver based on a flux wave decomposition. 160 x 80 cells are used. The second-order fluxes are limited with a van Albada limiter. Multidimensionality is achieved via an alternating dimensional split.
  • Density Current (1.4 Mb) - This is a density current (advancing front) test case with the same model as before except using 500 x 200 cells.

Internships, Awards, Conferences, & Colloquia