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Climate & Society Lecture, Guayaquil, Ecuador 2009

Robert J. Mera


Ph.D. Candidate & Research/Teaching Assistant
North Carolina State University
Dept. of Marine, Earth, & Atmospheric Sciences
Climate Modeling Laboratory
Purdue University Land Surface Lab
Personal page


NCSU Campus Box 8208
Raleigh, NC 27695

Research Interests

Undergraduate Research

  • An Economic Perspective of 82-83 and 97-98 El Nino Impacts on Ecuador

Master's Research

  • Regional Climate Modeling with RegCM3 and WRF-ARW
  • Development of an Extended Procedure for the Relative Operating Characteristic (EROC) Graphical Method
  • Ensemble-based climate model skill and economic value
  • Crop modeling: CERES-Maize & CSM-CROPGRO-Soybean
  • Dynamical Land Surface model - crop model coupling

Ph.D. Research

  • Dynamical Downscaling of real-time forecasts for the UCAR, Africa Initiative
  • Regional Climate Modeling with WRF-ARW versions 2 & 3
  • Data Assimilation of satellite and global model patterns for regional weather/climate simulations in WRF-VAR
  • Prediction and analysis of moist events during the boreal spring in West Africa
  • Society-climate interactions
  • Full Implementation of the EROC graphical method

Internships, Awards, & Conferences


Teaching Experience


  • Weather and Climate Lab (MEA 135) Fall 2006
  • Weather and Climate Lab (MEA 135) Spring 2007


  • Introduction to Weather and Climate (MEA 130) Fall 2007
  • Introduction to Weather and Climate (MEA 130) Spring 2008
  • Introduction to Weather and Climate (MEA 130) Fall 2008
  • Introduction to Weather and Climate (MEA 130) Spring 2009
  • Louisburg College Math Lab, Fall-Spring 07-08