Opening Remarks -Dr. Fredrick Semazzi, North Carolina State University, "Workshop for Enhancing Collaborative Research on the Environment in Sub-Saharan Africa"(doc)

Plenary Talk I -Dr. Robert Swap, University of Virginia, "From SAFARI to SAVANA: An Example of International Interdisciplinary Research on the Regional Scale and Collaborative Consortia in Southern Africa"(ppt)

Plenary Talk II -Dr. Ellinor Michel, Natural History Museum, London, "The Nyanza Project Interdisciplinary Research Training in Tropical Lakes Sciences - Paleoclimates, Geology, Limnology and Biology in Lake Tanganyika"(ppt)

Plenary Talk III -Dr. Michael Adewumi, Pennsylvania State University, "The Alliance for Earth Sciences, Engineering, and Development in Africa (AESEDA): A U.S.-Africa Partnership"(ppt)